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Specialty Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Add a sophisticated and tasteful welcome to your home using beautifully crafted Cast Brass outdoor specialty landscape lighting fixtures.

Featuring a Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty on all Fixtures, LED Lamps and Transformer

The Lighting products we use are supplied by AMP Lighting, a local Florida Company.  The quality of construction is on par with many luxury upscale brands such as Unique lighting and Vista. You can find installation pricing for some base landscape lighting packages here.

Shadow Cast Landscape Lighting

ShadowMaster Integrated LED Brass Path & Area Light (Bronze)

Make an elegant statement with this award winning path and area light. This unique patent-pending estate-sized luminaire features charming scrollwork and bold embellishments. At night, light shines through the designs to create a compelling pattern of light and shadow. 

Shadow pattern 3

Customizable Brass Bollard Light (Bronze)

Customizable Bollard Light, you can customize a bollard to fit your application needs and desired light pattern. Constructed of a solid brass frame with easily interchangeable stainless steel panels.

This Bollard allows for the creation of unique lighting along paths combining elegant light and shadows.

Guardsman LED Post-Top Light Brass Bronze

Guardsman LED Post-Top Light Brass Bronze

Designed to mount on the top of a square 4" x 4" post, this cast brass fixture features a concealed Cree® LED light source under the top cap; it projects a compelling pattern of glare-free illumination onto surrounding surfaces. It's typically mounted on decks, docks and fences to enhance the safety, security and beauty of the surrounding area.

2-in-1 Tiki-Brass Torch Light (Bronze)

PolynesianPro Torch Light

The PolynesianPro Torch Light contains both fire (fueled by an oil reservoir) and light (from an LED bulb located under the shade). This new generation is constructed with an extra robust brass stem for a lifetime of durability and stability in any landscape. In addition to functioning as an effective area light, this fixture functions as an insect repellent - keeping away those pesky bugs. This is accomplished by filling the reservoir with citronella oil. The fixture is typically positioned near the edges of decks, docks and patios.

Cast Brass Deck Light application

Deck-Design Pro™ Classic Brass Deck Light

Deck-Design Pro™ Classic Deck Light is an attractive solid cast brass fixture that features a circular, classic shape. The region of illumination is semi-circular and extends outward with even distribution and soft edges.

Wide Modernelle Brass Path & Area Light (Bronze)

Wide NovellePro Path & Area Light

Wide NovellePro is a robust modern fixture with a low profile and clean lines. Use this ultra-modern fixture to complement your modern architecture and décor. It provides a moderate-sized region of illumination to create a pool of soft-edged evenly dispersed light.

Elegant Harp Brass Path & Area Light (Bronze)

Elegant Harp Brass Path & Area Light

Elegant Harp Path and Area Light is a high quality fixture with a traditional bishop’s arch, scroll and fluted shade for an ornate appearance that complements traditional or classical architecture. It pairs well with landscape features such as gazebos, pergolas, formal gardens, and small cottages or sheds that are whimsical or ornate. The fixture delivers a very wide soft-edged beam of evenly dispersed light ideal for providing continuous illumination along walkways and steps.

Traditional Lantern Brass Path & Area Light (Bronze)

Traditional Lantern Brass Path & Area Light

Traditional Lantern Path & Area Light is a professional grade, solid brass fixture with an elegant lantern-style appearance that complements traditional or classical architectural and landscape styles. The lamp housing features an ultra-realistic flame simulating LED bi-pin (included), while a hidden LED bulb under the lantern projects light downward for area lighting. It provides subtle, balanced illumination ideal for lighting along walkways or garden beds. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Coachman LED Brass Path & Area Light (Bronze)

Stagecoach Path & Area Light

Standing 62" tall, this estate-size coach light has a traditional design with surprising features. There is no other luminaire like this on the market.

With an ornate, patented design, the Stagecoach features an ultra-realistic LED bi-pin candle that plugs into the lantern portion of the fixture. The function of the candle is to delight the viewer and to set the mood.

Mini PilotPro Bollard Light

Mini PilotPro Bollard Light

This 12V 24" Brass Bronze Bollard is a high-quality outdoor lighting fixture that projects an extra-wide circle of uniform illumination. This fixture is perfect for walkways and high traffic areas - works with residential and commercial properties.

Multiple mounting methods; includes built-in surface mount, includes brass coupler for stake-mounting applications, and can be used with concrete anchors (not included) for installation in poured concrete.

Dual Mini PinnaclePro MR11 Path & Area Light

Dual Mini PinnaclePro Path & Area Light

The AMP® Dual Mini PinnaclePro Path & Area Light (Lamp-Ready) has a directional output of two spotlights. Allows you to illuminate two regions with a single fixture.

AerialistPro Hanging Light

AerialistPro Hanging Light

The AerialistPro Hanging Light is a beautiful rustic light with clean lines and compelling illumination. Typical uses include hanging under tree limbs, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, lanais, pool decks and porches.