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Evergreen Privacy Screening

In Southwest Florida we have a lot of options.  In most communities homes are tightly packed and built close together.  Using plants that create a soft lush tropical evergreen barrier will help create privacy in your backyard garden or along your pool and lanai. We like using a mix of different plants, palm trees and other tropicals.

How Many Plants Needed for Privacy Screening?

1 Plant Every 4ft. for Instant Coverage.

1 Plant Every 5ft. for Quick Coverage 1 year or less.

1 Plant Every 6ft. May take 2 years for coverage.

Quantity Discounts Available

using bamboo as privacy screening

Using Bamboo for Privacy Screening in Naples Florida.

Fast growing exotic bamboo is a new solution for creating privacy in tight zero lot line communities through out Naples.  We can create instant Privacy using larger 12-16ft bamboo or you can wait for smaller bamboo over a period read more.

Types of plants for Privacy Screening

Creating Privacy with Plants vs a Fence

Fences are usually more expensive to install and the annual maintenance of pressure washing and staining a wood fence can cost money as well.  Local county codes only allow a fence to be 6ft. in height.  Using well placed Palms, Bamboo, Evergreen Trees and large shrubs can create privacy extending upwards to 20+ ft.

Field grown trees & container grown trees. - Quantity Discounts Apply