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Southwest Florida Bromeliad Guide

We install bright colorful tropical bromelaid gardens.  We source all of our bromeliads directly from local growers.  For new customers we evaluate the site conditions and come up with a plan that will create a beautiful landscape.  Give us call or contact us and we can provide you with an estimate for your plantings.

Sunlight Requirements.

We do have a wide selection of bromeliads that can tolerate full sun.  Varieties like Martin, Compacta & Cosmos offer an all in one solution building a dense ground cover over time Martin Bromeliad can handle tough full sun locations.  In most cases bromeliads prefer Morning sun and late afternoon shade protection.

Water Requirements

Bromeliads prefer to dry out between waterings.  They do not like wet conditions or repeated watering every single day.  Bromeliads require water once per week.

Growth Habit and Size

Depending on the variety we will recommend the best plant for your landscaping space.  Some of the larger varieties can spread rapidly so we tend to use more dwarf easy to control bormeliads as a planting bed ground cover.