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Koi Ponds

Mesmerizing. The sight of koi gracefully gliding through water compels us to admire these living jewels as they seemingly invite us into their realm of peace and quiet. Koi have captivated man since ancient times, first in China, and then in Japan, where the art of koi ponds and breeding have reached unequaled greatness.

A Living Habitat

A koi pond is not a static pool of water but a dynamic, living habitat, governed by the laws of natural science. The goal is to approximate the ecosystem in which koi flourish.  A lot of care and attention to detail are necessary. Cleanliness is key to cultivating a healthy koi ecosystem. Depending on conditions, flushing the pond by 30% every week maybe necessary. Using chlorinated city tap water is not recommended.  Koi prefer shade in Southwest Florida and have to be kept  as cool as possible during the Summer months.


Small Koi Pond built next to a pool.

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Japanese Arbor

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Japanese Garden Bridge