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Tree Planting Service

Naples Garden Landscaping can plant Palm Trees in almost any location including  poolsides and lanais. We also have extensive knowledge in other Zone 10 trees that grow and work well throughout South Florida.  We use trees in most of our garden designs to create anchor points within the landscape design.

Trees are great for providing shade for small hidden or secrete garden spaces.  We also use trees in privacy screening to help soften a neighbors adjoining property.

Bottle Palm

Bottle Palms are easy to recognize because of their swollen trunks that resemble a bottle.

They are also one of the shorter palm trees available for sale, reaching only about 12 feet when fully grown. The unique size and shape make this palm a perfect addition to smaller outdoor landscaping projects, like courtyards or patios, or as an indoor accent plant.

Chinese Fan Palm

The Chinese fan palm, or fountain palm, is a hardy, slow-growing tree that derives its nickname from the fountain-like way its leaves droop down from the crown. Though native only to China and Japan, these specimens have become common across the world because of their adaptability and toughness.

Canary Island Date Palm

The Canary Island date palm is a beautiful tree, native to the warm Canary Islands. With its shiny, feathery fronds, arching branches and ornamental fruit, this tree requires additional maintenance to keep it in top shape.

Bonsai Blue Jacaranda

A new truly dwarf Jacaranda with showy, large, deep purple, tubular flowers. An ideal small specimen tree for today's smaller gardens, equally useful as a large border accent or in decorative pots on a terrace or patio. Bright green, fern-like foliage takes well to pruning and is remarkably heat and drought tolerant. Semi-evergreen.

Royal Poinciana

Marking the start of spring each year with thousands of bright red blooms, the Royal Poinciana Tree’s rich color is not commonly seen in other flowering varieties. In fact, it’s also called the ‘Flame Tree’ for its blazing color.

Little Gem Magnolia Tree

The Little Gem magnolia tree is the sweetest of all South Florida's small flowering trees - compact, hardy, and wonderfully fragrant.  The exquisite magnolia flower is said to produce nature's strongest perfume. Just one blossom can fill a house with its heady scent.

Travelers Palm

This nifty looking tree is commonly referred to as the traveler's palm. In reality, it is not a palm at all but rather a close cousin of the bird of paradise plants. It is endemic to Madagascar and the only member of its genus.

Christmas Palm

The Adonidia Palm, commonly known as the Christmas Palm, is a native to the Philippines and has been very popular in southern Florida for over fifty years. It is a dwarf version of the Royal Palm, only reaching about 15 – 25 feet tall.

Royal Palm

Royal palms are the quintessential tall, straight palm tree – the ones you expect to see lining the street in southern Florida. While they have some specific care requirements, these trees are impressive specimens that are worth the trouble for the way they stand out.

Turn Your Poolside & Lanai into a Tropical Oasis

Enjoy the beauty of live plants, stone & water.

Turn Your Poolside & Lanai into a Tropical Oasis

Enjoy the beauty of live plants, stone & water.

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