7 Landscaping Light System

7 Fixture Landscape Lighting System
$1,595 Installed


  • 7 All Weather Brass Fixtures + Transformer.
  • Professional Installation.
  • Energy Efficient LED bulbs/lamps with a life span of 30,000 hours.
  • Mix or Match Fixtures.

* Install cost does not include exterior 20A dedicated outlet from electric panel (required). Does not include wire runs under permanent structures like driveways and walkways.

Custom Systems Your Cost Per Unit Professionally Installed is $200.

*The Landscape Lighting install price is good for a minimum of 7 fixtures per project. Install cost does not include exterior 20A dedicated outlet from electric panel (required). Does not include wire runs under permanent structures like driveways and walkways.

Pro-Trade Up Lights

Up Lights

Pro-Trade Path Lights

Path Lights

Pro-Trade In-Ground Well Lights

In-Ground and Well Lights

Pro-Trade Deck Lights

Deck Lights

Pro-Trade Ledge Lights

Ledge Lights

Pro-Trade Transformers


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Every model is built with a hefty set of features that ensure they perform season after season without fail. If that’s not enough, we back brass models with a lifetime warranty, ledge lights and in-ground fixtures with a 10-year warranty, and aluminum models are covered for five years.

  • Energy efficient LED Lamps/bulbs with an Average Operating Life of 30,000 hours  using between 3-8 watts depending on the lamp.
  • Heat-Resistant Clear Convex Glass Lens.
  • High-Temperature Ceramic Socket with Nickel Contacts.
  • Manufacturer warranty on fixtures.


Available in an antique brass finish, the new Pro-Trade compact flood light fixture (PT-FL2-BS-LED) has a low profile form factor that allows it to blend in well with its surroundings. It includes a ground stake and is packaged with a 180 lumen 2700K T3 LED lamp. SiteOne backs the new Pro-Trade compact flood light with a lifetime warranty.

Pro-Trade’s new PAR36 well light (PT-WL1-BK-NL) features a black ABS well sleeve that is

8-inches high by 5 1/2-inches in diameter. The well light has a stainless steel PAR36 gimbal that is adjustable within the housing. Pro-Trade’s new well light includes weather-resistant SPT-2W wire with two spade connectors for ease of installation and is covered by a 10-year warranty.

LED Lamps

Pro-Trade LED lamps are damp location rated and backed by a five-year warranty. The two new Pro-Trade MR16 LED lamps replace 50 watt halogen lamps while using only 7-watts of energy. These 550 lumen, 2700K lamps are available in 38 or 60-degree beam angle options, providing contractors high output options in addition to the 250 lumen and 350 lumen MR16 lamps currently available from Pro-Trade.

The new PAR36 LED lamps are equipped with Chip-On-Board (COB) technology and are IP67 rated, which means the lamp is protected from water intrusion when temporarily submerged in less than 1.5-meters of water. Three Pro-Trade lamp (6W, 400 lumens; 8W, 600 lumens; and 11W, 800 lumens) options are available that will satisfy 20W, 35W, and 50W halogen illumination requirements. These Pro-Trade PAR36 LED lamps are 2700K and have an L70 average rated life of 30,000 hours.


Contractors can control the hours of operation of the lighting project with the new Pro-Trade mechanical timer (PT-MT1) and photocell (PT-PC1).


Transformers which are housed in a 304 stainless steel case—are available in 150W and 300W options and include primary overload protection with auto-thermal shutoff and secondary side magnetic circuit breakers. They are also plug-in photocell ready. Output taps include 12, 13, 14 and 15V options.

Professional Landscape Lighting at a Good Price.

Pro-Trade Landscape Lighting is a fantastic option with comparable commercial quality to Unique brand outdoor lighting. Our Pro-Trade Outdoor Landscape Lighting Install Price runs at $200 per fixture installed!  Compare this to Unique brand Landscape Lighting where the cost for installation is much higher per fixture. Watch the video below for an overview, then see our pricing chart below for complete details.

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Landscape Lighting Install Price
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