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Naples Food Forest, Organic Vegetable Gardens and Survival Gardens.

Yes it is possible to grow wholesome organic food for your family in Naples and Fort Meyers Florida.  It takes effort and your primary concern should be location and fertility of soil.  Depending upon the type of vegetables you would like to grow and the time of year, it is import to locate your garden in the proper location.

We offer consultation services for your project especially if you are new to the Southwest Florida area.  There is a steep learning curve even if you have decades of vegetable gardening experience up north.

Check out the Organic Garden photos below or continue reading my Internet Rant as follows:

Our philosophy is to help pass on knowledge of self-reliance and food production so that you can grow your own food and feed your family with organic and safe REAL FOOD independent of the current system we find ourselves besieged by.

It does not matter if you are affiliated with a certain political philosophy, as long as you are a reasonable person who wants to work with others even though you may have some disagreements with them. In the end we have to be good neighbors and respect each other's private property rights, individual sovereignty and liberty. Engaging in critical thought and analysis is a prerequisite.

Our primary concern are The Powers That Be (TPTB). The unelected and corrupt bureaucracies who push for the consumption of processed foods injected with both synthetic and inorganic compounds.  The FDA + USDA state that food with these toxic additives are "Safe for Human Consumption" just like the marketing catch phrase of "safe and effective."  Trust the Government's "Science."  Right?  Critical thinking must be engaged at this point. This is basically an IQ test.

Look at the state of human existence in this country. Since the late 90's into the 2000's, we have seen an explosion of fatties coinciding with a massive surge of chronic disease at endemic levels. You can make BIG $$$ treating diabetes and obesity with Zepbound aka tirzepatide (mo money, mo money BIG PHARMA!). We are being poisoned folks by our modern industrialized food supply!  It is important that you take steps to provide for and nourish your family.

What is the Solution? You can start by reading labels of food products to see what the listed ingredients are. Try purchasing your food made with natural ingredients.  The next step is to start growing your own organic fruit and vegetables.  Even Fruit and vegetables labeled ORGANIC by our esteemed USDA.Gov have been found to be contaminated on occasion with pesticides, heavy metals and Glyphosate.

Too many online commentators rant about problems but do not provide any solutions.  Well I can provide a solution, if you live locally in Southwest Florida I would be happy to come out and provide an initial consultation for $100.  We would need to talk over the phone first to make sure you are a good fit and a good candidate.

Unfortunately if you live inside of a gated community with with an HOA you are probably not allowed to create vegetable gardens or plant fruit trees. My suggestion would be to sell your property and move to an area where you are free to do what you want with your own private property.

If you just want to plant a couple of tomatoes and a basil plant, my service is probably not for you. This is a true commitment to improving your family's diet, health and well being.  Naples Garden Landscaping can design, install and help consult for you to develop a Naples Food Forest, Organic Vegetable gardens and Florida  Survival Gardens.



Turn Your Poolside & Lanai into a Coastal Garden

Enjoy the beauty of live plants, stone & water.

Turn Your Poolside & Lanai into a Coastal Garden

Enjoy the beauty of live plants, stone & water.

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