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Sabal Palm 8-10 ft. Slick

Sabal / Cabbage Palm

Sabal palmetto - Regenerated
Tree Size: 10ft. + Slick Trunk Field Grown

Get it installed $995 per Tree

Minimum order $3,500 per project

*Separate Charge for Removal of Existing Trees. The current pricing is good for locations free and clear of underground obstacles like roots, stumps, rock, lines and pipes.*Prices are subject to change Please contact us for a firm quote.

*We do not sell Field Grown trees individually. Installation only.

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* Wholesale prices for trees may vary.  Please contact us for a firm quote. You can also call or text Herb (the owner) 239-287-7269

Sabal Cabbage Palm

Sabal Cabbage Palm

The Sabal Cabbage Palm Tree, a majestic palm native to Florida and Sanibel Island. The Sabal Cabbage Palm stands tall and strong with its tropical crown of fan-shaped fronds. It is a robust palm tree with a thick trunk that can grow over 40 feet tall, with an imposing canopy of dark fan-shaped fronds.

Sabal Cabbage Palms are cold-hardy down to 10°F, extremely drought tolerant, salt-tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases. Its low-maintenance requirements make it an easy palm to care for. Sabals are also wind-tolerant, known to survive winds of more than 100 miles per hour.

Sabal Palmettos can be styled as booted or slick trunks. Booted Sabals are natural palms that have their “bootjacks” or remaining bases from old fronds that have fallen off. This gives the palm a textured, thick look. Slick Sabals have the spiky boots shaved off, giving them a cleaner, more elongated look.

Sabal Palmettos look beautiful when used as a landscape specimen, accent tree, or planted in groups of staggering heights. They make great tropical accent palms in pool areas.

The cost of planting  on your property may vary.  The Pricing includes the plant, cost of delivery, and cost of labor to install the plant.  Availability and pricing are subject to change.  All plants are purchased and delivered in pristine condition fresh from local south Florida Growers. Our plants are pest and disease free.  Regular hand watering or single tree emitter irrigation are required to keep your plants alive for the first year.

Lawn Irrigation and rainfall will not be sufficient for watering.  Your palm trees will require fertilization to maintain healthy growth.

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